7th Pay Commission: Cabinet meeting to decide on revised allowances for govt employees likely today

7th Pay Commission: Cabinet meeting to decide on revised allowances for govt employees likely today

The long wait of nearly 50 lakh central government employees over the revised reviews could end today. It is expected that the Cabinet of Ministers of Narendra Modi will meet today to make a final appeal to the benefits under the seventh payment commission.

Some reports have suggested that the Modi government could start issuing revised assessments from July.
The Council of Ministers of the Union has accepted the recommendations of the Seventh Commission to pay in June last year and since then has been a long wait for employees to fully benefit from the implementation of the report.
Central government employees, on several occasions, expressed disappointment at the large delay in the deployment of the revised benefits.

Previously, the Union Cabinet had to deal with the issue of compensation, at its last meeting held on June 7
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is likely to table the proposal for the revised allocation structure today’s cabinet meeting.
Among the various allocations, the Cabinet is likely to discuss subsidy houses (HRA), which was a major concern for government employees.

The Seventh Payment Commission has recommended that 53 of the 196 grants as central government employees to do more to merge 36 smaller allocations.

The Seventh Payment Commission also suggests reducing the home rental subsidy rate (HRA) for central government employees in varying degrees, depending on the city. Per Meters, pay table suggested reducing IRH 30% to 24%.

As central government employees protested against recommendations, the Modi government has formed a committee under Finance Secretary Ashok Lavasa in July last year to review the suggestions. Lavasa The group submitted its report to Arun Jaitley on 27 April.

Prior to submitting the review report on Lavasa Group held discussions with all stakeholders, including representatives of central government employees and various ministries.

A statement from the finance ministry on the Lavasa report said that “changes have been proposed in certain benefits that apply universally to all central government employees and other subsidies that apply to specific categories of employees.”

The Ashok Lavasa report was sent to the Ministry of Expenditure for the first round of examination before being placed before the Committee of Secretaries (COS-E) for another round of testing.

Before the E-State has submitted its report to the Office of the Union, representatives of central government employees have written to the Cabinet Secretary PK Sinha and said they do not have the impression that the recommendations of the Committee of allocations Ashok Lavasa. They also expressed their anxiety about an excessive delay in the implementation of the Lavasa Group report.

After conducting the Ashok Lavasa examination report on compensation, the Committee of Authorized Secretaries (COS-E) transmits the report with its suggestions to the government after a meeting on 1 June.
If reports are to be believed, central government employees are likely to start receiving revised benefits as part of the Seventh Payment Commission as of July.

However, the central government may not want to grant arrears, one of the main demands of employees. According to reports, employee unions have planned protests if delays in demand payments are not respected.

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