Bengaluru tech firm to female employee: Not responsible for your safety after you log out

Bengaluru tech firm to female employee: Not responsible for your safety after you log out

The murder of Pratibha, a BPO employee December 13, 2005, rocked the entire industry. This tragic incident has brought with it many changes, especially with better security measures implemented by IT / BT and BPO companies.

However, in Bangalore, where the incident took place, it seems that some companies are still trying to save money by not providing their employees working the night shift with pick up and taxi facilities up.
This IDC Technology is located in Hosur

The main road in Madiwala. The company has its global operations centers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and India.
Manisha Kumari, a technical recruiter, decided to highlight the disastrous attitude of the company’s leaders in the safety of women in the workplace.

After joining this technology company in February, he was told that there would be picking up a facility and taxi deposit for a month and then things would be sorted out. But until today, the company has provided no cabin setup.

In fact, it was said that India Today is only for the last month, but the problem was dragged for 2 years. Initially, the employees were working from 6:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., but when they had complaints they could not move the morning hours they were changed from 7:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Manisha said there were many maids who travel along and this turned out to be a problem and dangerous. So much so that some of them expect their hours to disconnect until dawn before they go by car, bus or taxi.

It is risky and Manisha was faced with three harassing incidents after leaving her career, even though she lives only 4 km from the office.
When she said this, she said, “Once, I was harassed by a taxi driver near the union of the Silk board that was mutilated with me when I left work and another time by two men on a bicycle.
She received no help from the technology company of the

The vice president has made it clear to all that the company is only responsible for them while they are working and not when they connect.

Manisha met today with IT Minister Priyank Kharge, who gave him a patient hearing and assured that action will be taken after filing a written complaint with the department.

Today, he told India that his department wrote to these companies every six months to follow these rules. The minister also promised that “if companies reject these rules, we will act because there are rules for this.”

India Today visited IDC Technologies to deal with him on it. From their initial refusal to respond to these allegations, they said that they had done nothing wrong.

However, their night shift human resource load tried to dodge our questions by saying that negotiations are ongoing with taxi providers to begin this facility.
He added that it was not easy to solve this problem quickly because they have to deal with management and there are also costs. From now on, he said they have discussed and, once the administration approves the budget, taxis can be implemented.

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