Five judge-bench at SC to hear Aadhaar next week

Five judge-bench at SC to hear Aadhaar next week

Five judge-bench at SC to hear Aadhaar next week

The Supreme Court has agreed to create a bank to set up five judges to decide privacy protection issues under the Aadhaar law.

The constitution bank will meet next week for two days to decide whether the matter should be referred to a larger bank.

The President of the Supreme Court of India, JS Khehar’s decision, came after senior council Shyam Divan mentions the issue in court Wednesday morning.

Divan lawsuit – with the support of the Attorney General KK Venugopal is under an order of 2015, where a jury of five judges headed by Indian Supreme Court President HL Dattu, had addressed all issues privacy issue at the Aadhaar Matter to a court of the Constitution.

The recent Divan lawsuit came after a comment made by Judge Jasas Chelameswar that said a bank of the Constitution should have all issues arising from the issuance of Aadhaar.

The observation of Judge Chelameswar was made last week when the subject of the Aadhaar reached the hearing before the plenary by virtue of a June 27 order issued by a bank holidays. Sofa, representing the petitioners and Venugopal, accepted the court’s suggestion and agreed to refer the matter jointly to the Chief Justice of India next week.

“I believe that once a matter has been referred to a bank of the Constitution, all matters arising therefrom must be in court.

I can only say that an issue can be settled by a nine-judge court. Can decide the possibility that nine judges hear, “said the judge who leads Chelameswar bank three judges also formed by judges and AM Khanwilkar Navin Sinha.

During the brief hearing, Sofá recalled the orders of an order of October 2015, which referred the matter to an Aadhaar court of the Constitution.

During his speech, Couch said that the number of notifications issued by the Aadhar Order Center – a clear departure from the law under which he volunteers – appeared to be one of the Indian concentration camps.

The AG, however, an exception to this submission and noted that if Divan continued in the direction of this argument, he was unwilling to follow the case. “How can he (SOFA) that India is like a concentration camp? ‘” Venugopal said.

Several petitions that question the constitutional validity of Aadhar pending before the apex court. However, it has been almost two years and the highest court has not yet appointed a court to hear the issue despite several calls.

Congress reaches out to Nitish Kumar as questions linger over Bihar grand alliance

Congress reaches out to Nitish Kumar as questions linger over Bihar grand alliance

Congress reaches out to Nitish Kumar as questions linger over Bihar grand alliance

At a time when questions are being asked about the longevity of the “great alliance” in Bihar, Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Vice President Rahul Gandhi have advanced rapidly in the past two days to join the prime minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar. This is despite criticism of Nitish Kumar by top congressional leaders.

Congressman Kumar by telephone Wednesday morning and thanked him for Janata Dal (states) or JD (U) support for the common opposition candidate to the vice presidential election. Kumar heads the JD (T).

According to JD (T) sources, Rahul Gandhi also phoned Bihar CM Tuesday night after the meeting of the 18 opposition parties have decided to appeal to former diplomat Gopalkrishna Gandhi as a candidate for vice president.

Congress vice president also proposed Kumar to comply. Kumar will be in New Delhi on July 22 and 23 to attend the national executive meeting of his party and is likely to meet with opposition leaders including Rahul Gandhi.

In New Delhi, Congress and JD (T) leaders also tried to rule out speculation that the JD (U) and Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) alliance in Bihar was on the verge after Kumar and his party have asked Son of chief Lalu Prasad RJD MP and Bihar CM Tejaswi Yadav, to protect himself from corruption charges against him and expose his case to the public.

Tejaswi Yadav calls the corruption case against him “Farzi (false)” and shouted “political revenge”.

The JD (T), however, is not satisfied with the response and said “expected more” RJD Scion young.

“I did not even have a mustache in 2004. How can a child of 13 to 14 do all this?” The CBI FIR is the Farzi (false) and part of political revenge BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party ) President Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a conspiracy against me and family members for political reasons, “Tejaswi told reporters after leaving a cabinet meeting.

The young RJD leader also highlighted his achievements as a minister in the state and has insisted that he still practices a policy of “zero tolerance for corruption.” Yadav has responsibility for road construction, building construction and well-being delayed and extremely late castes in the Nitish cabinet.

“No one can join hands in my mandate as a minister in [the state]. During my tenure, the maximum number of roads was built.

I have done nothing wrong to provide accountability. From the first day I took office, I joined zero tolerance for corruption. Because of my work for the weakest and most disadvantaged sections of society, I am focused, “said the deputy CM.

He also added that the great alliance will remain intact in Bihar. “They (BJP) are trying to break, but they do not succeed.” Mahagathbandhan remain intact, “he added.

However, its leader Nitish Kumar was not surprised when the young boss’s explanations. His party, the JD (T) has made it clear that he expects “more”.

“At most, it was a political response,” said party spokesman, Neeraj Kumar, a standard business. “The CBI filed a personal FIR from him. We therefore hope he has a timely response.”

“We want to respect the dharma of the coalition to the last breath. We do not compromise throughout our policy of zero tolerance for corruption.” Woh nahi Bhasha, bhaw by Dhayan de (meaning must be understood, we do not just read lines) Top leader JD (U).

The CM had also given a cold Tejaswi deal during the cabinet meeting, which lasted about half an hour. It was the first time Tejaswi met Nitish Kumar after CBI raid on his Patna house on Friday.

Army gets special power to buy weapons for short 'intense wars'

Army gets special power to buy weapons for short ‘intense wars’

Army gets special power to buy weapons for short ‘intense wars’

The Indian Army has begun shopping to fill critical policy gaps and strengthen its ability to fight a “short and intense war,” 15 to 20 days amid a prolonged spreading with China, regular ceasefire violations – Fire By Pakistan and terrorist infiltration.

The Center has given emergency powers to the army’s deputy chief to buy ammunition and weapons without any necessary sanctions that could cause delays, according to sources.

The movement must make autonomous army and reduce bureaucratic delays that may be an obstacle to improving critical military firepower in a short war.

With new financial powers given, 46 types of ammunition for tanks and artillery pieces, spare parts for 10 types of weapons, weapons and mines can be bought, which can cost around 40 billion rupees rs.

“The government has decided that the competition corresponds with the Army to purchase critical equipment whenever it feels the need,” said the official.

The decision was taken last week, while military stagnation continued with China on the Sikkim border, near the triple union between India and Bhutan-China and Indian troops fighting regular bombings and border Pakistan.

It happened after the Indian army has opposed China’s road construction in the Dokalam Bhutan region, a disputed zone between China and Bhutan.

The region is of great strategic importance to India as it could bring the Siliguri Chinese corridor connecting the Northeast.

After the Uri terrorist attack in September last year, 18 soldiers were killed, an internal army review said there were gaps in critical operations.

Following the conclusions of the army in October that sets the limits of maintaining a short and intense war, the deputy chief received temporary powers for a period of three months to 31 December 2016.

“The need to increase the period was felt and extended for another three months until March 31, 2017,” a source said.

Sources said that during this period, purchases worth 12,000 CRS have been made. It was 19 contracts, 11 ammunitions.

Shortly after Uri’s attack, the Indian army launched surgical attacks through the Control Line (LOC) claiming to have destroyed terrorist buffers backed by the Pakistani army to facilitate infiltration into India.

Shortly after surgical operations, the number of ceasefire violations by Pakistan spiraled. In 2016, the number stood at 225,150 in 2015 and 153 in 2014.

Since then, there have been three cases of beheading of Indian soldiers by action teams bordered by Pakistan – a combination of Pakistani army inhabitants and terrorists who carry out raids by attacking Indian soldiers.