Advisory committee wanted Anil Kumble to stay but Virat Kohli's tantrum made it impossible

Advisory committee wanted Anil Kumble to stay but Virat Kohli’s tantrum made it impossible

The resignation of Anil Kumble as coach of India surprised the cricket fraternity of India and took the BCCI by surprise.
Reports of a distancing between coach and captain Virat Kohli had appeared before the Champions Trophy but still hope that Kumble would continue because the advisory committee had appointed last year for a period of one year was eager to see it continue.

Therefore, it was decided that Kumble would be visiting the Caribbean for a limited short trip with the team. This could have given men time and space to resolve their differences. More importantly, the advisory committee of the legendary Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman could have used the time to negotiate peace.

However, the first signs of the shocking resignation came on Tuesday, when Kumble did not fly to England with the players. The BCCI said the coach had to withdraw from a meeting of the ICC Cricket Committee in London. A few hours later, the resignation came.

Now, what really led Kumble to this point? Kohli rejected the new differences with his trainer as mere rumors. But Kumble said why she was leaving. In a typical effective statement, the former spun leg said its reason for drastic. Kohli said he reserved his style and continued as a coach.

What was the Kumble style? In his own words, “professionalism, discipline, commitment, honesty, complementary skills and different points of view.” Despite the strong support of three former illustrious cricketers, Kumble felt he could not win when the captain was against him. Not just the captain, most of the changing rooms wanted him to come. The players apparently need to return Ravi Shastri, as they considered it kinder and easier.

Indian cricket has risen to a total disaster in recent weeks. There was a palpable tension in the locker room and the communication between the coach and the captain had broken down. And BCCI has not helped.
Kohli met with the Advisory Committee on the eve of the Champions Trophy final to discuss the trainer’s problem while awaiting the funniest question of dealing with a resurgence of Pakistan.

By allowing Kumble to go, the board of India has played in the hands of Kohli. What is the guarantee that Kohli would cry without more if he did not see the next coach.

The former coach of India and World Cup winner Madan Lal suggested that India needs a coach who would be content to remain calm. But are people like Virender Sehwag and Tom Moody enough? If they do not, said Lal, they would face the same fate.

Kumble’s balance as a coach is phenomenal, but he had to give up just because the captain had a tantrum. “The intimidation, the billing and the masterful head”, apparently, were the words thrown by the captain.

But if the team does not work, is not the coach just shouting at his players and berating? Is not supposed to ensure that players give 100 percent in training.

Kumble was a fighter at his peak. He returned to the West Indies bowl with a jaw fracture. He did not give an inch required, but clearly he was not ready for the little fight with his captain.
Kohli today is probably India’s most powerful cricket man and has dominated the powerful Ganguly –
The Tendulkar and Kumble association had no choice but to end the distressing drama.

Pakistan reclaiming cricketing glory after tumultuous Tableeghi tryst

Pakistan reclaiming cricketing glory after tumultuous Tableeghi tryst

Many crowds welcomed the winning team members Pakistan after a successful campaign in the Champions Trophy. Thousands of people have passed through different cities across the country as ten players landed after weeks of losses and increases in England. And thousands gathered outside the residence of Captain Sarfraz Ahmed, who proudly held the trophy for his team by beating India in a one-sided final.

Pakistan celebrated its victory and it deserved. They won. But there is more to celebrate for a country that has long been frustrated by the inability of its players to be in tune with the modern game: the influence of extreme religiosity influenced by the presence of Jamaat Tableeghi has ended the decline.

Tableeghi Jamaat or TJ movement which was started in 1927 by Muhammad Ilyas al-Kandhlawi India. Wikipedia describes TJ as “an Islamic missionary movement non-Sunni political world that focuses on encouraging Muslims to return to primary Sunni Islam, especially in ritual clothing and personal behavior.” The organization is estimated at between 12 million and 150 million (The majority in South Asia) and the presence of between 150 and 213 countries. It is called “one of the most influential religious movements of Islam in the 20th century.”

The cricket world had noticed a sudden change in the installation of the Pakistan team under Inzamam-ul-Haq, who took the captainship in 2004. Over the next three years until he retired players were actively encouraged to offer Namaz ) In its public totality. Cricket players have grown beards, thanked the Lord before the post-match speech and did not even spend much time in the gym perfecting their fitness.

However, TJ’s influence dates back to the reign of Waqar Younis as captain, who had led Saeed Anwar, who was in mourning for the death of his daughter. The smart workers left and then spent time recruiting team members inside their organization and religious transformation of a cricket team was underway.

The impact of Islamic practices on the cricket structure has long been a point of discussion in the Pakistani media.
Again in 2013, reported the Dawn of the former chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Shaharyar Khan in his book “The Cricket Cauldron” wrote about the religious movement in the team. At the 2003 World Cup, Anwar had told his teammate’s heavy applause that “the angels will come down and help Pakistan win the Cup.”

Pakistan was eliminated in the first round after winning only against the Netherlands and Namibia, Waqar was removed as patron and many of his other riots were withdrawn. Inzamam has backed in 2004 (after a brief step Rashid Latif) and under him, key players were kept cold as they did not fit the religion unconditional interpretation.

Inzamam led Pakistan to the 2007 World Cup and again, the team left the first round, this time to face the humiliation of losing to Ireland.
Pakistan’s performance began to come up short since 2003 and the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan team in Lahore in 2009 has still pushed things in Pakistan. No international team returned to play in this country, with the exception of Zimbabwe in 2015 limited series. As a result, the team suffered.

AB de Villiers aims for T20 success after Champions Trophy heartbreak

AB de Villiers aims for T20 success after Champions Trophy heartbreak

LONDON: South Africa captain AB de Villiers wants the Twenty20 series against England to help ease the Proteas’ wounds after his early departure from the Champions Trophy.
The men of De Villiers have not left the international tournament groups stage of a day eight teams, their fate was sealed by a defeat hit by India in the oval.
England was also defeated in their quest for the Champions Trophy glory with a defeat in the semifinals by eventual champions Pakistan.
Now England and South Africa meet in a Twenty20 series in three Southampton games on Wednesday.
Captain De Villiers was questioned in the Champions Trophy but is now ready to lead the match at the 2019 World Cup in England.
“I am very happy to play in the three T20 was difficult few days after being eliminated from the Champions Trophy,” De Villiers said in Southampton on Tuesday.
“It’s never easy, but I’ve always been the kind of person to see the positives and see the opportunity to improve these three games and give me this opportunity as a player and as a captain.
“I think I do not have to prove anything, I just want to play, I feel like a young start to my career. I just want to get a few more races and ride this side a couple of victories.
“We have learned a lot when it comes to playing cricket here (in England).” Pakistan has surprised us by the way they control the limitations of the environment.We have taken cricket things, but also the mental point of view.
“It shows that everyone can get by at the end of the day. We made some mental notes and all kinds of efforts to get back in 2019, I hope I’m going to do some of that, it’s a part of the plan.”
De Villiers, a star in all three formats, decided to pass the South Africa test series in England after the Twenty20 matches.
Villiers player, 33, who will play again in Pretoria T20 World League South Africa, appeared in numerous eighty twenty leagues from around the world, including the Indian Premier League and the Caribbean Premier League.
But he still sees a future for Twenty20 international in an increasingly tight global schedule.
“It’s important that the CPI (International Cricket Council) and these franchise events to get the right balance in the future so that players know where they go with their careers,” said Villiers.
“The franchise cricket is important, it played an important role in my career, the IPL has completely changed my life.” It increased my ability as a player, getting used to different conditions and playing with some of my heroes. We now have a home competition in South Africa great for our cricket and I’m excited.
“There is a place for these tournaments and it is the great advice to make the right decisions.

“I never chose and chose my games, which ensures that I’m at my best in 2019 for the World Cup.
“This is the main objective, of course, there are some steps to get there.”

Scolding team for Champions Trophy debacle hastened Anil Kumble’s departure

Scolding team for Champions Trophy debacle hastened Anil Kumble’s departure

LONDON / MUMBAI: Many Indian cricket supporters would have been tempted to give a boost to the team after losing 180 shots against rival Archipelago Pakistan in the Champions Trophy final.
Coach Anil Kumble did, but in the process, their relationship already broke the team has reached a point of no return.
The players, some of whom were already very distressed after the loss, complained again to the generous attitude of Kumble captain Virat Kohli.
Monday evening, Kohli and Kumble met with BCCI secretary Amitabh Chowdhury, CEO Rahul Johri and general manager (cricket operations) MV Sridhar, prompting Kumble not to board the team bus at the airport with The Cricketers hours later.
On Tuesday, the long-running domestic dispute over Indian cricket finally ended with Kumble’s resignation, long after the team went to the West Indies. He later criticized: “Although the BCCI has tried to resolve misunderstandings between the captain and myself, it was obvious that the parternship was unbearable, and I think it is better for me to continue.”

At the time of the afternoon in London, the BCCI tweeted, post a link to his website, “Mr. Anil Kumble withdrew his services from the head coach.While the Cricket Advisory Committee approved an extension of his mandate, M. Kumble decided not to continue as a coach. ”

After the loss of India 180 Sunday blows, Kumble is expected to have unique players with some players over his performance in the game, leading to frayed nerves in the locker room. Kumble was frustrated by the bad bowling team in that game and was mentioned in the bowling rank they have bad compared to some past Indian cricket legends.
The communication between Kumble and Captain Kohli had already broken up weeks before, and the two have maintained a discreet distance during their one-month stay in England for the Champions Trophy.
The Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) – composed of three legends Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman – whose task is to choose the next coach will discuss the next steps in a conference call (Laxman is back in India, While Tendulkar and Ganguly are still in London).
The resignation means that the CAC’s efforts to mediate a truce between the captain and the coach have completely failed. With Kohli willing to step back and seemingly disinterested in any compromise solution, Kumble apparently had no choice but to put his papers.
Last Tuesday, a senior adviser told TOI. “The differences between them are not solvable. This is not going to Kumble West Indies. This is because, in the long run, n is not sustainable. Functions and responsibilities and were not Always on a common page.After recent interactions, Kumble realized that this problem has been solved.Obviously, we did not dispose of the resign.There is no other option. ”
Kumble, learned, was bitten by the Board of Directors has not publicly announced that it was possible to grant an extension to the Caribbean tour and has yet to respond to details of Captain Kohli’s reservations for his “intimidating” work style Made public. The council announced the job of head coach instead of giving it an extension.