Scolding team for Champions Trophy debacle hastened Anil Kumble’s departure

Scolding team for Champions Trophy debacle hastened Anil Kumble’s departure

LONDON / MUMBAI: Many Indian cricket supporters would have been tempted to give a boost to the team after losing 180 shots against rival Archipelago Pakistan in the Champions Trophy final.
Coach Anil Kumble did, but in the process, their relationship already broke the team has reached a point of no return.
The players, some of whom were already very distressed after the loss, complained again to the generous attitude of Kumble captain Virat Kohli.
Monday evening, Kohli and Kumble met with BCCI secretary Amitabh Chowdhury, CEO Rahul Johri and general manager (cricket operations) MV Sridhar, prompting Kumble not to board the team bus at the airport with The Cricketers hours later.
On Tuesday, the long-running domestic dispute over Indian cricket finally ended with Kumble’s resignation, long after the team went to the West Indies. He later criticized: “Although the BCCI has tried to resolve misunderstandings between the captain and myself, it was obvious that the parternship was unbearable, and I think it is better for me to continue.”

At the time of the afternoon in London, the BCCI tweeted, post a link to his website, “Mr. Anil Kumble withdrew his services from the head coach.While the Cricket Advisory Committee approved an extension of his mandate, M. Kumble decided not to continue as a coach. ”

After the loss of India 180 Sunday blows, Kumble is expected to have unique players with some players over his performance in the game, leading to frayed nerves in the locker room. Kumble was frustrated by the bad bowling team in that game and was mentioned in the bowling rank they have bad compared to some past Indian cricket legends.
The communication between Kumble and Captain Kohli had already broken up weeks before, and the two have maintained a discreet distance during their one-month stay in England for the Champions Trophy.
The Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) – composed of three legends Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman – whose task is to choose the next coach will discuss the next steps in a conference call (Laxman is back in India, While Tendulkar and Ganguly are still in London).
The resignation means that the CAC’s efforts to mediate a truce between the captain and the coach have completely failed. With Kohli willing to step back and seemingly disinterested in any compromise solution, Kumble apparently had no choice but to put his papers.
Last Tuesday, a senior adviser told TOI. “The differences between them are not solvable. This is not going to Kumble West Indies. This is because, in the long run, n is not sustainable. Functions and responsibilities and were not Always on a common page.After recent interactions, Kumble realized that this problem has been solved.Obviously, we did not dispose of the resign.There is no other option. ”
Kumble, learned, was bitten by the Board of Directors has not publicly announced that it was possible to grant an extension to the Caribbean tour and has yet to respond to details of Captain Kohli’s reservations for his “intimidating” work style Made public. The council announced the job of head coach instead of giving it an extension.

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