Stamps Release, Meditation Mark Yoga Celebrations At UN

Stamps Release, Meditation Mark Yoga Celebrations At UN

United Nations: The UN has begun International Yoga Day (LSI) celebrations with the launching of stamps, shower puja and meditation for peace in the most diverse gathering of nationalities, religions and world races. More than 1,000 people, including permanent representatives from various countries, diplomats, personal yoga enthusiasts and the United Nations participated Tuesday in yoga class with yoga teachers at UN headquarters in before the third LSI. A unique element of this year’s event, which contributed to the soft power of India was the water puja ceremony led by Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji and Sadhvi Bhagwati Sarawastiji of Paramarta Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh.

As the water poured symbolically into a balloon, the participants raised their hands to the sky praying for clean water for all and to recover the holy water, support of life and the relationship of humanity.

This is complemented by the commitment of the United Nations to the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDG) to improve people’s lives. The speakers emphasized instead of yoga to achieve them.

Peter Thomson, president of the General Assembly, said that yoga practice was the epitome of the phrase, “Healthy mind in a healthy body” and its role in social security is directly linked to the UN SDG.

Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti, Chief of Staff of the Secretary General, said that the practice of yoga for millions contribute to sustainable development and peace.

The Permanent Representative of India, Syed Akbaruddin, said that yoga symbolizes the unity of humanity and that India shares with the world in an open and inclusive way.

Stephen Cutts, Secretary General of United Nations Central Support Services, issued a series of 10 stamps with IDY Thomson.

The stamps worth $ 1.15 each represent a different yoga poses along with a great OM dash in devanagari.

Bhagwati Sarawastiji called yoga “kudumbakam vasudeva” action and said he had the power to break the boundaries to bring peace and heal the suffering caused by separation.

Reflecting on the universality of the LSI Hana AlHashimi, an expert on sustainable development mission of the United Arab Emirates, UN celebrates the holidays, wore a hijab.

The resolution of the General Assembly in 2014 to create LSI was co-sponsored by 174 countries and was unanimously approved.

Seane Corn, a yoga specialist and social activist, conducted a meditation for peace and human rights and put an end to all forms of oppression.

As they inhale and do yoga, people should send a message to their leaders for peace, he said.

Love can lead to political change, instead of hatred and through yoga, people can express love at all to cause transformations, added corn.

Laterm a forum on yoga and health will be held at the United Nations with an international panel of swamis and yoga practitioners.

Sivadasananda Retreat House, Austria, Keith Mitchel, a yoga practitioner and former NFL star in the United States, Stanton Kawer, leader and activist American actor Anupam Kher are scheduled speakers.

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